About this Site

These are models of various steam locomotives that have been constructed for Stan's own amusement in his spare time since retiring.

Each was chosen because of some aspect that he found interesting.

All models are mainly made, or adapted, from left over pieces of timber and odds and ends accumulated over half a century in a handyman's untidy workshop. For example boilers are mostly made from pvc down-pipes or waste pipes.

They are about 1 metre long (approx. 1:25 scale), but they are not all of the same scale.  The exact scale depended upon the materials at hand, however they are roughly in the correct size in relation to each other.

Due to the builder's lack of digital dexterity and artistic ability no attempt has been made to copy the full array of pistons, con rods and workings of the driving gear.

They were constructed using photos and scaled drawings. Occasionally there was no photo or plan of a particular aspect (eg rear view of the tender) and so the model consequently has little detail in that area.

The website designer would like to point out that some of the photos have been reversed for artistic purposes, you will not receive a chocolate fish for pointing out left/right side discrepancies ;-)

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